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Arthur Greenhouses grows and sells annual & perennial bedding plants, hanging baskets, planters, ornamental shrubs and trees, fruit shrubs and trees, evergreens, seeds, vegetable transplants, herbs, potting soils, organic & traditional fertilizers, and so much more!

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hours summer

Blossoming fruit treeFinally it looks like we all can start gardening. The weather is turning to summer-like temperatures and before we'll know we're begging for cooler weather and a shower.

We want you to know we're ready for you. A lot of avid gardeners already were at our place to get things to start their gardens.

Just pop in if you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us by phone or mail.

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Fresh Brown Eggs available

MyPick Certification 2016

Logo MyPick verified farmerFor the 2016 season, Arthur Greenhouses received the MyPick®-certification from the Ontario Farmers Market Association.

Our MyPick®-certification is your assurance that Farmers' Markets Ontario® has visited our farm and has verified not only that the farm itself is "local" but that what we as a grower are selling is produced on our farm.
So you can feel good knowing you're buying directly from the farmer–and are doing your part to ensure the future of agriculture in our area.


Non GMO Fresh Produce

NonGMOFresh produce is daily for sale at our farm gate and on Saturdays on the Orangeville Farmers Market. Sweet corn, strawberries, zucchinis, beans, sunflowers etc. Please check the availability of our fresh produce on this page.

Some products go fast., so you you might call us at 519-848-6816 for your order.